Organize against the Tar Sands? From here?

Ok all,

The Environmental Assessment for the Kearl Oil Sands Project shipments just came out. Now is the time to jump on organizing around this issue. There are a few things in place already, and we’ve had some talks with regional and local organizers along the shipment path, lawyers, etc. Now it the time to start building a strong local opposition to this project.

If you don’t know, Exxon Mobile, through a subsidiary called Imperial Oil, is developing yet another devastating Tar Sands mine in northern Alberta. They are bringing giant trucks carrying equipment for the project through Missoula this fall. This issue not only involves our state and country subsidizing the work of a giant exploitative corporation, but also our country remaining complacent through the expansion of what some have called the most destructive project in the world. This shipment route through Idaho and western Montana is one of the few opportunities for local communities to take on the international issue of the Tar Sands from our side of the border. Let’s show ‘em what we got.

There is more information on our website , if you care to peruse it before coming to—-

Wednesday 14th (tonight)
5:15 PM
Jeanette Rankin Peace Center (back door)
519 South Higgins Avenue

Montana DOT Environmental Assessment

  1. Here are a couple of local groups that have been challenging the Albertan tar sands from quite a ways away to the east –
    We may be Canadian groups, but Alberta isn’t next door to us.

    I’m in the first of those groups.

  2. Looks like you folks are a lot closer to the Albertan tar sands, actually.

    By the way –
    This page has some material (e.g. photos) from actions here in Canada –
    We had a day of action against tar sands financing, and our Fossil Fools actions mainly were about that same issue. The tar sands also were an important part of a day of action against the Olympics.

  3. AND –

    FYI –

    The corporate profiteers are bringing the tar sands to the south, across the border –

    • Michael Gehman
    • May 1st, 2010

    To stop the big rigs, occupy the turnouts. Imperial Oil stated at the Meadow Hill meeting in Missoula that a rig will not leave a turnout until the next turnout is clear. Thus, to stop a rig all that need be done is to occupy (with bikes, tents, picnickers, cars, whatever) a turnout in front of it. It’s not clear to me that this would be illegal. Presumably use of public turnouts is on a first come, first served basis. If only a few people all along the route were willing to deploy this tactic the rigs would be seriously inhibited.
    Ideally, a credible threat to deploy this occupation tactic would induce Imperial Oil to abandon the route ahead of time. But even if they proceed, I think disrupting the operation by means of turnout occupation would be a worthwhile thing to do.

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