Come to the Missoula City Council Hearing!

Monday, May 10th

Missoula City Council Chambers (140 W. Pine St)


So, some of you have already received the email, but this is important! This Monday, May 10 (tomorrow), the Missoula City Council will make a decision concerning the resolution that will act as their public comment to the Montana Department of Transportation regarding the Tar Sands Shipments.

We need everyone we can get to go to the hearing and request that the strongest possible language be used regarding issues posed in the resolution. We need to encourage City Council member to reintroduce language regarding climate change and the negative impacts that mining the Tar Sands will have on the future on Montana and the world.

Most of all, we need to support the members of the city council who are willing to take a stand against the shipments, and let the DOT know that their review of the damages these shipments will bring has been myopic at best.

If you cant come, and you’d like some advice on how to word you comment to the DOT regarding these shipments, look slightly to you right. Attorney Robert Gentry is in a video discussing some of the problems with the EA, and we have an example of a comment letter that you can send in yourself.

Other than that,

we hope to see you tomorrow, 7pm, Missoula City Council Chambers.

  1. The Missoula City Council voted 9-2 in favor of submitting a formal comment to MDT regarding the EA, on behalf of the citizens of Missoula. Though striking much of the language in the original proposed comment that dealt with climate change and/or environmental impacts outside of Montana; they nevertheless voiced stern reservations with the KMT project and requested an extension of the comment period and a more comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impacts of the shipment plan. The council also acknowledged the potential for this project to establish a permanent high-wide corridor which the EA fails to consider.

    MDT Director Jim Lynch attended the meeting at the request of the council. When Lynch once again denied ever admitting that this project would establish a permanent corridor, councilman Wiener played an audio clip of Lynch reporting to a state legislative committee that it, in fact, would do just that.

    Of the two council members who opposed the resolution, Lyn Hellegaard and Dick Haines, both work for transportation agencies which receive funding from MDT.

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