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100% of your donation goes directly to the Summit. PeaceUp has volunteered to process donations in order to expedite the process. In the event that enough money is not raised, you will be contacted and given the option to have your money returned in full.)


Activists are registered. But an unforeseeable funding complication could stop the whole thing.

We must raise $6,000 by Monday evening.

You are needed now in the fight against the most destructive project on Earth.

A letter from the organizers:

Dear community,

We at Northern Rockies Rising Tide have been involved in organizing an International TarSands Resistance Summit to take place just outside of Missoula, Montana from November 19 – 22. To promote this event we were working in collaboration with the Indigenous Environmental Network, local community groups, and national environmental organizations. The notion of the camp is to bring together communities directly impacted by Tar Sands development and related infrastructure projects to learn from each other, strategize, and take actionagainst what some have characterized as the most devastating industrial project on the planet. To this end, we have invited organizers and engaged citizens from communities impacted by the XL Energy Pipeline, the Alberta Tar Sands, the Utah Tar Sands (which would be the first Tar Sands surface mining operation in the United States), and themega-load shipments to attend the Summit. The response we have received in support of this summit has been amazing.

— and restore this great poster! 

When we began organizing this event, we were promised a budget of $20,000. The intended use of the funds was to provide free food, lodging, trainings, and some transportation for attendees. Plane tickets for trainers were purchased with the intention of reimbursement, the site for the summit was visited and reserved. Friday evening we received word from our sole sponsoring organization that the funds specifically promised to us for the camp were no longer available. The reason for this was not political, the sponsor is still in great support of the camp. Rather, they had expected funds that they did not receive, and helped plan a summit they found out that they could not pay for.

The International Tar Sands Resistance Summit is being organized by Montana-based grassroots organizations. Our working fund is minimal and we simply do not have the money in hand to put on this event.

So, we are turning to you, the community of supporters who have given so much to the movement, to ask you to give a little more.

The minimum amount we must raise by Monday night is $6,000.

The camp is in one week.

Please help us further the fight against the Tar Sands.


Northern Rockies Rising Tide (via Peaceful Uprising)




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