Keynote panel discussion to be held in Missoula

    • Dan Hutchinson
    • November 21st, 2010

    You make it sound like you just heard of this project. Years ago when the Chinese and Indian oil companies were fighting it out to see who would get the biggest share of this pie, I noticed Americans were not big players in the contest. Much has been invested and momentum is behind the machine, and it is not the Rockefellers who have to keep it moving. It is foreign governments who could afford to deal with your group using methods similar to the Pinkerton men working for JDR at Ludlow Colrado.
    Now you say we have to stop the big machine, but what positive effort have you put forth to create any jobs or offer any alternative to sucking the blood out of Ma Nature. What do you offer to keep angry mobs from beating you on the head like like they did to Tom Hayden or the person who just didn’t like Rand Paul.
    The grumble from real local people is that you are the Boogie Man who drove off the lumber jobs. The logging industry has lost around three thousand jobs in this area in the last ten years. Remember what happened to the Freedom Riders? Now here in Montana local folks are looking for someone to blame for their children getting hungry. If you stick your neck out it can make you vulnerable to ignorant people who have no understanding of global politics beyond what they hear on Fox News.
    The SDS offered to work with poor and black folks to make their lives better in return for world peace. The Yippies offered their Hog Piggasus as a replacement if the Dems would just Dump the Hump in 1968. When a parent repremands a child they should offer some positive input or the kid just becomes a hoodlum.
    What do you folks have to offer? Jobs, a better transit system, or some economic benefit besides just saying no?
    You seem to sound like a group of young Republicans!
    I saw one of your supporters bugging the Governor at a job development summit this summer. It seemed ironic that she was whining about Brian not being ‘green’, but she had no job to offer. This topic caused so much political dancing and side stepping, that all further discussion of rational subjects was forgotten.
    She also interfered with me trying to get a word in edgewise about my plans to combine transit and freight with high voltage power lines. I think we should build rail and re-cycled power generating equipment here in the center of these unemployed masses. I have plans to build affordable rail cars and power regeneration equipment here in Missoula at an vacant but almost new facility. Recycled RR ties made from colored plastic, wood fiber and glass would be another project to create local jobs. There are many new and affordable products that could be produced locally to support a new and greener transportation system.
    Creating alternative jobs, reusing available resources and producing an exportable product would benefit displaced workers as well as students looking for a future. I wish I had three people with half of the enthusiasm of your group to help promote the jobs I offer, maybe then we could get a real change in the consumption habits of the world.
    So, I say again what do you offer?
    Thank you for your time.

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