Mammoet reports mega-load shipping accident

As reported on, the company hired to ship giant loads of mining equipment overland from the Port of Lewiston, ID to the oil fields of Alberta has, unsurprisingly, not mentioned that it dumped a 300,000 pound piece of equipment overboard while hauling it through Indiana earlier this year. The accident, which occurred on July 21, (which we assume must have been known to Imperial officials) went unmentioned as opposition to similarly sized shipments grew in Idaho and Montana. Of note is the concern raised by local citizens regarding the safety of the shipments as they make their way down highway 12.

“Previously, Imperial Oil officials have said the possibility of such an accident was so remote taking precautions such as having a crane readily available were not necessary as it transports megaloads on U.S. 12. Imperial Oil’s largest oversized load will weigh 288,000 pounds, not counting a trailer and semi truck.

Of course, officials with ITD, Mammoet, and Imperial refused to comment on the accident.

    • Dale Middleton
    • December 13th, 2010

    Mammoet had another megaload accident in Alberta on Aug. 31.

    A picture from the accident appears as a “Wall Photo” on the All Against the Haul Facebook website. The only press report that I am aware of is at the local weekly newspaper’s website

    The apparent circumstances of the accident could hardly have been less challenging:
    broad daylight, good weather, straight country road, and nearly flat, open landscape.

    The RCMP report on the accident has been completed but is not routinely available to the press or the public.

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