First Conoco shipment left this morning, protesters rally in Boise, Id.

The First Conoco shipment is on the road. Monitors in Idaho are keeping track of its movements. We think the first shipment should reach Lolo Pass in the Middle of the night on Friday. We are unclear whether the truck will then park just on the Montana side and wait for the second load to reach it, or if it will travel as far as it can down 12 until the morning.

As well, about 75 protesters let Idaho state officials know exactly what they think of Idaho governor “Butch” Otter allowing the megaloads to roll through their state. Idaho state official spent years talking to Exxon Mobil regarding the use of Highway 12 as an industrial Corridor (So did Mt. Governor Schweitzer) without consulting the residents of the state. In Idaho, it wasn’t until a lawsuit filed by individuals who love along the route that information regarding what the state and the corporation had planned. According to Lin Laughy, one of the filers of the Idaho based lawsuit, “An Idaho state agency, without a single public hearing, has the power to reconfigure the nature of an entire river valley. That’s been a tough lesson for me to learn.”

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