Second Megaload held up; Exxon buys Idaho Police

First, the second Conoco/Phillips megaload is on the road, but held up due to weather. The load has yet to wind it’s ways past the turns that gave the first load such a hard time, causing a 59 minute delay at one point.

Also, it seems as though Exxon has purchased the use of Idaho State Police to protect the loads they plan to have on the road in the near future. Exxon has bought the Idaho Police department for a cost of $41,000. Although we agree that Exxon should put up the funds for this, if it needs to be done, we think that a private company purchasing public employees should be treated as a matter necessitating some kind of public input.  Use of Idaho State Police as a private security agency with the power to arrest and jail those who oppose the shipments is unfounded. Already, public monitors legally engaged in simply making sure that the megaloads keep to the requirements set forth in the ITD permit have been harassed and threatened with arrest.


    • CarrelDawn Cline
    • February 22nd, 2011

    Are “off-duty officers” driving the state-owned cars? When they are “off-duty” aren’t they just citizens?

  1. From everything we understand they are only “off-duty- in the sense that they are not being taken from any other important work. They are working overtime on the project, but they will be in state owned cars, in uniform, and with all the ability to do what police usually do.

    • Wits End
    • February 23rd, 2011

    Yeah, not only are ISP personnel working for private industry, they’re doing so using taxpayer-purchased uniforms, vehicles, badges and radios — and of course they’re using their power to arrest and incarcerate for private profit, not taxpayer benefit. “State-owned” is only a valid concept if we disassociate the public from the state.

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