Idaho bill could squash ability of citizens to oppose loads legally

Wednesday, Idaho representative Dick Hartwood (R-St. Maries) introduced state legislation that would require anybody filing a lawsuit against a transportation project to post a bond worth 5 percent of the value of the loads. This could mean that any citizen, using their legal right to oppose a project they feel might be harmful to their business, environment, or life would be required to put up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars just to engage in legally opposing a transportation project.  This bill is aimed at removing any available legal option now open to residents of Highway 12 who have opposed the megaload project since the beginning. The effect of the bill doesn’t stop at the megaload project, either, but will extend to ANY decision to transport ANYTHING on Idaho roadways. This bill seems to be some legislators’ way of saying that if you don’ t have any money, you shouldn’t have a voice in what happens in your state.

  1. It nauseates me that I am forced to pay these jokers’ salaries. If they would listen to the people who pay them in the first place, there wouldn’t be such a need for lawsuits and hearings. I think we should fire just about every official in the state except Shirley Ringo and start fresh.

    • claudette
    • February 25th, 2011

    Unconsciencable. Hopefully it will alert enough moderate Republicans that this is a dangerous precedent to set.

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