Second megaload approaching the Montana Border

So, workers have been preparing Reserve St. in Missoula for the passage of the first two giant megaloads headed to Billings. The second load of the two will be moved to withing five miles of the Montana border tonight sometime after 10pm. It is assumed that sometime next week Exxon will send a test load through that same corridor that gave Cnnoco/Phillips trouble.

All this come at the same time that Nez Perce Tribal members met with reps from Canada’s First Nations. George Poitras, former chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation, met with Nez Perce tribal members and officials where they discussed the impact mining the Alberta Tar Sands has had on the people of the area, the land, and Native Sovereignty. regarding Exxon Mobil, NPTEC Treasurer Joel Moffett said, “It’s taking a stand, making a statement saying, ‘if you guys are going to be conducting business as such, destroying the earth, destroying the livelihoods of indigenous peoples, how can we support you?’ We’re not going to do business with you. That’s something that we can do and I would support terminating the contract with ExxonMobil. Anything we can do to help you.”

    • SeenClearly
    • March 4th, 2011

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