What’s gone wrong so far?

Regardless of what you might  be reading or seeing in the papers regarding the megaload move there have been many more problems than reported. We just received an update from the great folks who have been out on the road night after night for the last month documenting, videotaping, and generally watching  the load travel the Idaho portion. Below you’ll find a list of many of the things that have gone wrong.

What happened:
-The first shipment took 6.
-The second, 7 (once it reaches Lolo Pass from MP 169 tonight).
With layovers, the two, originally scheduled for 8 nights, have been enroute 34.
What have the shipments done wrong?
-traveled on snow covered pavement in snowstorms.
-delayed traffic longer than 10 or 15 minutes multiple times during both shipments.
-driven wheels outside the fog lines.
-scraped a rock face.
-broken highway signs.
-made extended loud noise with convoys of 20+ vehicles rolling by dozens of highway-side homes.
-blinded and/or confused other drivers with the convoys’ glaring white lights and swirling yellow strobe lights.
-disturbed people in dozens of highway-side homes into which those bright and swirling lights have shone.
-used very confusing traffic management methods and yet chastised regular-traffic drivers for being confused.
-commandeered the people’s highway by banning free-flowing regular traffic.
-diverted traffic unto unpaved turnout surfaces.
-barricaded public turnouts
-used the people’s state police to intimidate and harass law-abiding people.
-torn tree limbs throughout the corridor and hurriedly picked up, out of sight, the bigger limbs.
-sprayed unknown amounts of deicing chemicals on the pavement, some of which runs off onto shoulders/riverbanks.

Additionally, the shipments have…

-used the people’s snowplows exclusively for the shipments, snowplows whose
beyond-normal wear and tear Idahoans will eventually pay to take care of.
-used ISP officers, keeping them unavailable to the areas of Idaho they usually cover and increasing

their salaries so that Idahoans will eventually pay officer retirees higher retirement dollars. 

-used the people’s ISP vehicles whose beyond-normal wear and tear Idahoans will eventually pay to take care of.
-asked 7 commercial trucking companies to not use U.S.12 one night — yet still could not meet traffic delay time limits.
When the Idaho Transportation Department followed each leg of each shipment with a press release that said, “traveled safely” and “without incident,” ITD was serving up pat statements in an attempt to publicly ignore or hide frequent violations of the requirements of the shipments.
The monitors have observed all of the above infractions of permit requirements.  In order to not obstruct the convoys, they have monitored at staggered times on assigned segments of highway. Generally, monitors from the western side of north central Idaho covered the Lewiston to Orofino leg.  Residents of Orofino, Kamiah, Grangeville, Clearwater and Kooskia covered the legs from Orofino to about half way up the Lochsa.  And Montanans covered the upper Lochsa to the pass.  But at times, as with Friends of the Clearwater’s 3 stalwarts on Thursday night, monitors volunteered to cover a fuller range of road.  Further, until it was once again cancelled, the monitors stood ready to hit the road again to monitor Exxon/Imperial’s so-called “test shipment.”
    • Claudette Ross
    • March 7th, 2011

    I thank you for your dedication. This is very special “work” you are doing here.

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