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2011 Earth First! Rendezvous Comes to Montana

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This July, join environmental justice advocates and impacted community members from around the country for the 2011 Earth First Round River Rendezvous, a week of education and action focused around issues of resource extraction and environmental injustice in the Intermountain West.

This year’s Rendezvous is taking place about an hour from Missoula, MT in the Lolo National Forest. The site is located just a few miles off of Highway 12, and much of the workshops and discussions will address the Exxon heavy haul project.

Why Earth First!?

Now more than ever–in an age when mainstream environmental organizations take donations from oil companies and advise weapons contractors on how they might “green” their image–it is our duty as environmental and social justice activists to make certain things clear: First, the plethora of (financial, ecological, and social) “crises” that grow worse with each day are not isolated or anomalous phenomena; they are the inevitable results of a specific ideological system that has been forced on the world by a relatively small group of wealthy elites. Second, therefore, it is essential that any tenable solution to these crises address the root causes of their emergence and that this solution come from the people who have been put most at risk, not from the people and institutions that are responsible for the problem in the first place. More specifically, then, there can be no such thing as “green” or “socially responsible” capitalism–unsustainability and social irresponsibility are encoded into capitalism’s DNA, they are it’s lifeblood. (Watch this for a more detailed explanation on this perspective).

Northern Rockies Rising Tide would like to invite our allies and other interested parties to attend part or all of this week-long event. With hundreds of experienced organizers and activists from around the country engaging in workshops, discussion forums, trainings, and bold citizen action, this year’s Round River Rendezvous promises to be an important and valuable element in the growing movement for a just transition away from carbon-intensive, toxic, and unsustainable forms of “doing business.”