Some inspiring news, and some lamentable developments

Occupy Missoula Enters Its Third Day!

In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Missoula’s 99% has set up an encampment at the courthouse on Broadway Ave. to protest against growing inequality, the corporate control of public resources, and the fundamentally unjust nature of capitalism itself. Northern Rockies Rising Tide endorses with enthusiasm Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Missoula, and encourages anyone outraged by this country’s twisted economic system to join us.

General Assemblies are held every day at 5:30 and are open to all. Please come and participate in this amazing experiment in direct democracy, where we, as a community, come together and make a collective effort to find our own solutions to the problems we face. If you’re sick and tired of this country’s failed political process–the charade of two-party politics, the corporate control of the ostensibly public decision-making process–then join us in developing community-based solutions and asserting our collective voice! YOU ARE THE 99 PERCENT!

On a less-inspiring note, Judge Dayton has modified his earlier decision and will now allow the permiting of Megaloads on Hyw. 12.

See the Missoulian article for more details.

NRRT remains committed to fighting the corporations that would turn our scenic byways into industrial shipping corridors for Tar Sands infrastructure projects, and hope that with the resurgence of an (anti-authoritrarian) populism in this country, we will begin to see an end to extreme energy projects like the Tar Sands.

To put it bluntly: Corporations are destroying the planet, and the fate of the environmental movement is inextricably linked to the fate of the growing movement to abolish corporate power and create grassroots alternatives to capitalism.

The Left is Dead! Long Live the Left!

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