Montana Activists Blockade Oil Sands Equipment – Temporarily

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 13, some thirty five protesters met and momentarily stopped the embattled Omega-Morgan shipment carrying tar sands refining equipment to Alberta, Canada. As the load approached the group of protesters it appeared as a run-of-the-mill sidewalk demo. When it was within just a few feet those present took the street quickly and held their ground as the cops and convoy workers looked on in confusion.

It was apparent that the police had VERY little patience for the situation — and issued an arrest warning immediately. Our police liason was able to buy a bit of time, but the group decided to finish off the evening with no arrests. Demonstrators halted the movement of the shipment for about ten minutes, far shy of the many hours that our Nez Perce comrades held it at bay. Nevertheless, it was an invigorating experience for the group — many of whom were participating in their first act of non-violent civil disobedience.   Inline image 1

This same piece of equipment had experienced four consecutive nights of blockades and protests as it traveled through the Nez Perce nation and Lochsa wild and scenic river corridor in Idaho last week. Once it was known that the shipment was inside MT, organizers with Northern Rockies Rising Tide, Indian Peoples Action, All Against the Haul and Idle No More mobilized folks with about 48 hours lead time. Those present made it clear that future shipments will be met with further action, on and off the streets.

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