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Back In Action

We have been away from the blog for some time and since the last posting, NRRT, like everything else in the universe, has gone through some changes. Since that last anti-coal export action in conjunction with Blue Skies and 350 Missoula, we held a rally at the headquarters of Washington Companies headquarters to shine a light on their complicity in the fossil fuel economy. Along with Re-invest folks and others, we will keep the pressure on Washington to do right by its workers by planning ahead for the end of coal export.

And on that topic, Arch Coal- now having filed for bankruptcy- has also withdrawn its permit application for the Otter Creek coal tracts. Which also means no more proposal to build a rail line up the Tongue River. Both of these bits of news are awesome; development of those massive coal tracts would have been horrendous for the climate. But Arch is still digging coal (despite the bottomed out spot price) and still shipping it west through Missoula. The outdated, polluting Colstrip plant is still spewing CO2 and while King Coal is limping slowly toward his grave, Montana politicians (from both sides of the aisle) and labor unions still bow in fealty to this relic of a by-gone era.

In order to help build a powerful climate movement that can defeat these fossil fuel industries, their government sponsors and their powerful ideological grip on American culture, NRRT is combining forces with 350 Missoula and others to join the Break Free from Fossil Fuels Pacific Northwest Coalition. A massive action is being planned for May 12- 15 in Anacortes WA, site of two refineries and hub of Baaken oil-train transport. Through a blockade and mass civil disobedience we will shut down March Point and deliver a strong message that the end of this destructive fossil fuel based economy is in our sights. This action is in conjunction with actions planned throughout the country and the world. This is where we need to be so please help if you can. Stay tuned.