Fuck Earth Day

The sentiment comes from an article Wen Stephenson wrote for The Nation magazine a few years back and it is exponentially more relevant today. The whole exercise is designed to brainwash school kids into thinking picking up trash addresses the issue of Nature and Our collective relationship to it. It is an all too easy step from there to click-tivism and seeing your mailbox crammed with fundraising letters from the enviro-nonprofit Complex.

If you pay attention to such things you might have seen the latest Senate Energy Bill, supported by both of Montana’s distinguished statesmen. It “streamlines development of energy projects” and “establishes a pilot program to ease permitting obstacles for gas and oil drilling”. The “all of the above” energy policy of the Obama administration designed to Make America Great Again.

The very next piece on NPR (Liberal capitalist radio where I heard about it) described all the money the Feds would be pouring into Bull Trout recovery because its habitat is being mangled by climate change. What was missing (always) was any commentary as to the insane disconnect. This is the normalizing process, like picking up trash on Earth Day or re-cycling your plastic.Within the act is embedded a reassuring we-have-this-under-control continuity. Next years Earth Day plans are already being made.




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