direct action

It is apparent that those in power offer little more than lip service when it comes to fighting climate change.  It is clear that it is up to us to take matters into our own hands.  This means using creative and effective direct action to disrupt the workings of climate criminals as well as to create the future we want to live in.

Direct action is empowering because it allows us to sidestep hoping for change from those in power, and instead create it ourselves.  When the government won’t stop a power plant from being built, we put our bodies in front of the bulldozers to shut down construction.  When we want healthy, sustainable food for our community we plant gardens in our backyards and abandoned lots.  From critical mass bike rides and hoaxes to office occupations and coal plant blockades, as well as providing training, support and action ideas to community groups and ally organizations, direct action holds the key to empowerment.

There is a long and vibrant history of direct action here in the U.S.  From the labor strikes of the early 1900’s to the lunch counter sit-ins of the civil rights movement, to the thousands arrested resisting nuclear power in the 70’s and 80’s, we come from a long lineage of empowered people who knew how to reclaim the power we have inside all of us.


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