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KXL Resistance Still Strong

Hello climate fighters!

Some of this has been in circulation for a minute now, but we just wanted to share these exciting updates from Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance, just in case you hadn’t heard yet. Their ongoing blockade in Oklahoma is rolling along, with a fresh action every couple of days now. Known as the Red River Showdown — they are attempting to slow down construction on the last sections of the southern leg of the KXL tar sands pipeline. Let’s wish them the best! And of course, if you are able, you can donate to their mounting legal costs on their Donation Page.




Rising Tide North America APRIL Newsletter

Rising Tide North America APRIL Newsletter

Fossil Fuel Resistance Heating Up!

Where were we again? Oh yes, fighting climate injustice.

Friends and Supporters!

It has been some time since we reached out to you all, too much time in fact. We wanted to pass along some exciting updates, and inform you of the resurrection of Northern Rockies Rising Tide! Some of the folks involved with NRRT originally have moved on to other projects in other parts of the country, but remain steadfastly committed to climate justice. That said, there are still a few of us around, and we are excited to begin organizing again in the Northern Rockies.

As most of you are abundantly aware, the climate struggle has not slowed down — or even taken a day off. In fact, what we are witnessing is an encouraging escalation, in the range of targets and tactics and the scope of discourse around climate justice. And its happening on a daily basis! In solidarity with the millions of people around the world who are taking action every day to stem the tide of global ecological meltdown, NRRT is dedicated to participating in and contributing to an increasingly cohesive climate struggle.

With that in mind, what is NRRT going to do? Well, we are in the process of figuring that out right now. In Montana the battle front has been focused on the extraction and shipment of coal from the Powder River Basin. There is a growing number of groups in MT organizing against the extraction and shipment of coal, with what looks like the formation of a united statewide coalition on the horizon. More updates on that soon. We are currently looking into aspects of the coal battle and will have something on line before too long.

A little less talked about in activist circles in the Treasure State is the Keystone XL pipeline, of which a significant portion will pass through if approved by the Transcanda, I mean Obama, administration. Unfortunatley, some less than encouraging news from organizing attempts along the pipeline route in MT make the prospects for a strategic direct action campaign unlikely. (Please inquire if you would like to know more) Groups like Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance (, Tar Sands Blockade ( and the Oglala Sioux Nation are tirelessly maintaining direct action campaigns against the portion of the pipeline in construction, and the portion likely to begin any day now. We hope to work with such groups in the near future if a critical mass of opposition around the pipeline in MT materializes.

Besides these two pressing issues we hope to engage and empower local communities, build stronger statewide and regional coalitions and open up new avenues for resistance against the perpetrators of climate injustice. Please stay tuned to this listserv, facebook and our webiste for more information.

Finally, some relevant updates from around the region:

Coal exports at record levels as Interior investigates royalty practices

Port of Coos Bay Coal-Export Proposal Ends after 18 Months of Work (April 1 Oregonian)

Sierra Club Plans to Sue Railroad, Coal Companies over Coal Dust Pollution in Northwest (April 2 Oregonian)

$1.7 Million Penalty Proposed for ExxonMobil Oil Spill into Yellowstone River (March 25 Billings Gazette)

Environmental groups seek moratorium on Montana, Wyoming coal leasing

You will have to bare with us for a minute while we get back on a schedule for making our web updates more timely and organzied.

In solidarity,

Northern Rockies Rising Tide